Livery fees

All Stables £28

Hay, Shavings & Straw

 Small Hay  £7.50
 Large Hay  £60.00
 Large Straw- Square  £50.00
 Shavings  £9.00
 EasiBed  £6.80

School Straw

Height Price
14.3hh + under £22.00
15hh + £24.00


Feed and Parking Prices

Alfa A £12.75 Speedi-Beat 12.20
Alfa Oil £14.10 T/S Cool Conditioning Cubes £12.20
Bailys No6 £14.30 T/S Top Chop Grass £11.85
Bailys No14 £24.05 T/S Comprehensive Balancer £33.50
Calm & Condition £12.60 T/S Lite Balancer £18.70
Cool Mix £11.05 T/S Ulcer KInd £12.45
Happy Hoof £12.50 Working Mix £10.40
H&P Nuts £8.90 Bailys No21 £12.40
Hi Fi £11.70 Horse Boxes £10.00 pw
Hi Fi Light £12.00 Horse Trailers £6.00 pw
Meadow Mix £9.70 Caravans £10.00 pw

Personal services & prices

Service Price
Feed + hay + water £0.50p per item
Muck out £5.00 per day
Occasional muck out £7.00 per day
Skip out £3.00
Making haynets/feed £0.50p
Turn out £1.50 per day*
Bring in £2.00 per day**
Wash legs £2.00 per day
Put on extra rugs/hoods £0.50p
Change rugs £1.00 per day
Groom £4.00 per day
Pick out feet £0.50p
Put on boots £1.00 per day
Removal of boots £1.00 per day
Put on mud guard £0.50p
Put on bandages £2.00 per day
Remove bandages £1.00 per day
Put on walker / remove from walker £2.50 per day***


* The turning out service includes stable rug removal and NZ rug fitting, if you require any extras (e.g. boots/leg guards) the charges above will apply.

** We are happy to provide bringing in services. However, if your horse cannot be caught, you will still be charged for the service to take account of the time we spend in the field. We will spend approx 10 minutes trying to bring your horse in – after this time he/she will be left out for you to catch.

(We do provide a specific service for catching difficult horses chargeable at an additional £10 per 30 minutes spent in the field. This service will only be provided if requested the night before.)

*** The walker service includes stable rug removal, your horse put on the walker for the requested time, removed and re-rugged.