Horse Riding lessons

We offer a range of lessons including:

 Riding Lessons for Children

To build confidence and balance, younger children are offered an initial 30 minute walk out on the lead and rein. They’ll then progress to private lessons where they’ll learn to work the pony on their own in walk and trot.

When they’re ready (there’s no time limit) they’ll be offered the opportunity to join a group lesson.

 Riding Lessons for Adults

We offer adults 30 or 60 minute private lessons. Alternatively, get to know other riders by joining one of several adult group sessions we run.

Advanced riders are welcome to join us for hacks subject to completion of a 30 minute private lesson/assessment that confirms they meet the required standard.

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Please note:  Cancellations can only be accepted by phone and 24 hour notice is required otherwise full payment will be required- please call us on 01457 865518 or 07773092197